Celebrating 30 Years of Business!

About Us

Kenning Illustration and Creative Design Ltd, formed in 1992, offers an illustration and design service aimed at the promotion and development of heritage organisations, museums, and places of special interest.


From publications to interpretation panels and visual displays, our team of specialists can provide a service that is precisely tailored to your requirements.



Meet The Team

Since meeting at university in the late 1980s they have collaborated together on countless projects. Their complimentary skills honed & developed over decades, provide them with a valuable balance of technical skill & creativity.



Phil Kenning

Phil has worked for over 3 decades in many sectors such as architecture engineering (mechanical & electrical) and heritage. Producing architectural, technical, general & historical reconstruction illustrations.


He combines his undoubtable skills in the application of watercolour with his knowledge of 3D CAD, history & research skills. His artistic style whilst highly accurate & technical can also be subtle & atmospheric, perfectly capturing the essence of the subject matter.



Greg Gibbon

Greg is an experienced commercial illustrator with over 30 years of working within various industries from transport to architectural. Throughout his career he has worked as part of large and small teams, gaining wide experience in many graphic and illustration solutions.


Skilled in 3d Visualisation and photo retouching using various applications including 3dsmax, Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and others. 


Also proficient in 360VR photography, 3D model VR, 3D model AR and presenting them via multi-media platforms including touchscreens.



Rob Smith

Rob has over 30 years experience in the Graphic Design & Print industry, with a proven track record of innovative design, effective problem solving and attention to detail. 



The goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of every client.

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We create high end historical reconstructions that are produced from a composite of 3D CAD and traditional watercolour.