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We are well versed with communicating & liaising with archaeologists, historians, designers & project managers. Interpreting their requirements & translating at times very complex subjects into easily digestible highly accurate reconstruction illustrations.


Since 1992 we have worked with many different museums, local authorities, government organisations, trusts & HLF projects. Supplying a large range of illustration such as figurative, Industrial, architectural, military & technical within the heritage sector. 


Our work is finished in traditional watercolour, however we are fully cad literate utilising the latest 3Dcad technology to set up illustrations.


All illustrations although traditional are scanned with the latest technology, so they are compatible with all modern digital applications & formats.  


Being a specialist in historical reconstruction illustration we are very experienced in research & understand the importance of historical & technical accuracy within our illustrations.   



Our reconstruction illustrations involve a three stage process:



First Stage

Using existing plans & elevation drawings, aerial photos & LiDAR data for reference, a detailed 3D computer model is generated. This model can then be manipulated and edited under the guidance of the client to achieve a 100% accurate representation.



A detailed 3D computer model of a hillfort.

Second Stage

Once the 3D model has been approved it will then be used as a layout to setup the reconstruction illustration. A detailed pencil drawing will then be created adding in all the fine details.



A detailed pencil drawing of a hillfort adding in all the fine details.

Third Stage

The final stage will then be the execution of a high end watercolour. It is this stage that essentially captures the mood & atmosphere that brings history back to life!



Execution of high end watercolour paint to bring the hillfort to life.

Each stage is submitted for approval via email to the relevant partners involved in the project. Once all the comments are received the model, drawing or painting is amended accordingly & a revised drawing is issued for further comment, revision-a, b, c etc…


This protocol avoids confusion especially when there are several drawings involved.

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We are able to translate very complex subjects into easily digestible highly accurate reconstruction illustrations.