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Acton Scott

Past Work

Client:- Shropshire Council

Project:-  Acton Scott

Two reconstruction illustrations showing settlements (Iron Age & Roman) that have existed on one site through the ages.

The site of the Roman Villa is set within an Iron Age enclosure.

The building at Acton Scott, on Wenlock Edge south of Church Stretton, lies on a south-facing slope above a stream. The rectangular building was aligned precisely east-west, and appears to have had later additions to its western end. It is probable that the building originated as an ‘aisled barn’, and was later part-converted into a habitable dwelling. A small bath-house was incorporated within the south-west corner of the building (and/or added on to it; the actual building sequence of the structure is very complicated).

A picture of an iron age settlement in Acton Scott.
Reconstruction of Iron Age settlement
A picture of a roman settlement in Acton Scott.
Reconstruction of Roman Villa settlement