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Bosworth Battlefield

Past Work

Client:- Leicestershire county council (Bosworth Battlefield Visitor Centre)

Project:- 8 x interpretation panels illustrating key stages of The Battle Of Bosworth.  

At the Battle of Bosworth in Leicestershire on 22 August 1485, the Yorkist king Richard III of England faced an invading army led by Henry Tudor, the figurehead of the Lancastrians. It was to be a decisive engagement in the long-running dynastic dispute known to history as the Wars of the Roses (1455-1487). Henry won the day, largely because some of Richard’s allies either switched sides or remained inactive during the battle. The king was unseated from his horse and butchered as he made a last-ditch attempt to personally strike down his direct opponent for the throne. The victorious Henry Tudor then became King Henry VII of England. The Battle of Bosworth used to be considered the end of the Middle Ages in England, the battle remains a pivotal event in English history.

An artists depiction of the Battle Of Redemore.
King Richard at the head of his army
King Richard drinks from a well
A drawn illustration of King Richard leading his army.
The Battle of Redesmore
King Richard preparing for battle
A watercolour drawn picture of Henry Tudor's archers firing arrows.
Henry Tudor’s positions
An artists depiction of the Clash Of Vanguards at the Battle Of Redemore.
Clash of the Vanguards
Death of Richard 3rd picture.
The death of Richard III
Defeat & rout