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Buckland Rings Hillfort

Past Work

Client:- St Barbe Museum & Art Gallery, Hampshire County Council

Project:- Reconstruction of Buckland Rings Hillfort

Buckland Rings is a magnificent embanked and ditched earthen fortress enclosed six acres within its triple ramparts. A multivallate hill fort, it has not been possible to date the fort precisely, but is thought to date from the Iron Age period, 4th century BC to 1st century AD. It has well preserved triple banks and double ditches although may have started out with a single bank and ditch system. This type of site is rare in lowland areas and as such is the best preserved and most important in the Hampshire/Dorset basin. Interestingly it has no apparent landward entrance, suggesting its function was a defended dock. The entrance gate faced the river and an important role would have been that of watchman and ensuring the gate was closed at dusk.

An historic illustration of Buckland Ring Hillfort with horses and carts entering the settlement.
Reconstruction of Buckland Rings Hillfort