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Holt Castle

Past Work

Client:- Wrexham Borough Council

Project:-  Holt Castle

A series of three reconstructions showing the castle in the 13th c.

Holt Castle was a medieval castle in the town of Holt, Wrexham County Borough, Wales. Work began in the 13th century during the Welsh Wars, the castle was sited on the Welsh–English border by the banks of the River Dee.

In the medieval period, the five-towered fortress was actually known as Castrum Leonis or Castle Lyons because it had a lion motif carved into the stonework above its main gate. In the 17th century, almost all the stonework was removed from the site; only the sandstone foundation and a small amount of masonry survives.

A drawn image of a castle and moat.
Aerial view reconstruction
East view reconstruction
South view reconstruction