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Llanyblodwel Church

Past Work


Client:- Llanyblodwel Church Trust

Project:-  Llanyblodwel Church

A series of three reconstructions showing the key phases from Norman to the 19th century.

St Michael the Archangel is a Grade I listed church in Llanyblodwel, in Shropshire, England. It has a spire of unusual shape (domical spire) and was designed in 1847–1856 by the vicar, Rev. John Parker.

The Grade I listed church was designed and rebuilt from a medieval church in stages. Parker designed the porches, ceilings, windows and reredos. The idiosyncratic almost detached steeple was designed and added 1855-6 by the same vicar, who also designed and built the two nearby listed buildings comprising the school house  and schoolmaster’s house (at one time used as the post office).