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Spon Street Townscape Scheme

Past Work

Client:- Coventry City Council

Project:- “Spon Street Townscape Scheme” Publication, A guide to the history of the street and the buildings in the scheme.

This commission was quite an undertaking, drawing & painting in painstaking detail every building in Spon Street. The finished original was over 3 metres wide.

The Spon Street townscape scheme of the 1960s and 1970s involved moving medieval buildings from other sites in the city centre to join those in situ at Spon Street. In total, three sets of buildings were moved from Much Park Street and two sets were moved from elsewhere in Spon Street – the rest are in their original sites. The last buildings to be moved and restored were Nos 1 & 2 Spon Street (formerly 54-57 Spon Street) completed in 1988-1990.